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Nothing but personal service for our life long customers!
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Mold Remediation Services in Suitland-Silver Hill, MD

Is there any black or green discoloration on your walls or tiles? Do you consistently experience a musty or earthy smell in your home? Then, you most likely have mold growing and you need to take care of it.

Mold attacks should be taken seriously. Not only can mold destroy your property and your furnishings, it can also cause health problems for those exposed to mold, such as allergic reactions and asthma. It can have more serious consequences as well.

You need the help of professionals to get rid of mold in your house.

We Are Here to Help

This is where UCM Carpet Cleaning Suitland comes in. We are a licensed mold remediation provider based in Suitland, Maryland, and serving the entire local area. The quality of our service, combined with our customer service orientation, is unmatched.

We are professional mold cleaners and mold remediation specialists. Our personnel are all certified professionals and we are equipped with sophisticated equipment that makes our work easy.

What Makes Us Unique

We are not like any other mold remediation service in Maryland

UCM Carpet Cleaning Suitland offers affordable services with reasonable pricing. This is because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for mold remediation. We evaluate each mold remediation job on its own conditions to provide a planned-through and effective mitigation service tailored to exactly what needs to be done for great results. That way, you know you are paying for what needs to be done, and not expensive extras that aren't really necessary.

In the course of taking care of mold, we have found that our other services work well as a part of the complete recovery from indoor mold. In particular, we often use:

  • Mold testing and inspection
  • Carpet cleaning and washing
  • Water damage restoration
  • Air duct, mattress, and rug cleaning

How Our Certified Professionals Get Rid of Mold

We carry out our duties seriously. Our certified professionals are restoration superstars who make sure the job is done right. Here are the main parts of the process:

Visual Inspection of the Work Area

It is the first and most basic step. We check out the infested area to see the extent to which the mold has attacked the structure. After visually observing the area, the work area is defined and strategic positions where equipment needs to be placed are marked and prepared.

Mold Testing (Optional)

Even when mold growth is visible, testing can be used to document your mold problem officially and help our experts prepare a plan for handling it.

Air sampling, surface sampling, mold characterization, mold removal, humidity detection, and correction are all important actions that are considered at this stage. We decide if one should be left out or included after getting the required response from the client.

Drawing Up A Mold Remediation Plan

Making a mold remediation plan is the next step on the agenda. We outline exactly what procedures will be required to take care of the mold and make sure it won't come back.

Mold Mitigation, Removal, and Clean up

As one of the best remediation services in Suitland, we use eco-friendly processes to apply mold remediation chemicals, thereby curbing the growth and multiplication of mold. At this stage, humidity is corrected, surfaces are scrapped, chemicals are applied, and mold is removed.

Antimicrobial Treatment

Antimicrobial or antifungal compounds are applied to the area or the whole structure. It is usually the final step of the mold remediation process. After doing it, homeowners do not need to worry about mold attacks for a few months or years, depending on the treatment used.

Call Now for Immediate Assistance

We know that you are anxious to recover your property from mold right now. You can contact the right professionals for the job at 301-710-0191. We will help you get back to normal as soon as possible.

"I highly recommend UCM Carpet Cleaning Suitland. The guys arrived as scheduled, were friendly and professional. They did a great job cleaning the bedroom carpet, looks like new."

- Maria T.
Take action today.Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine! 301-710-0191
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